Friday, April 24, 2009

Finally an Update!

It has been a while since we have updated this thing! Life gets busy and there is never enough time to do everything we want to do. It is work, dealing with Aaron, Misty's pregnancy and getting ready for our new baby, and there is always something else we have to do. Aaron has cut a lot of teeth. He has been teething for quite a while now, and that makes him quite fussy. NOt to mention he is already going through his "Terrible Two's." Aaron is now 17 months old, and we love watching him learn new things, and also try to get into everything. Now if only we could get him to let go of things and walk on his own! Misty is 3 months now! Finally through the first trimester. She has been having a lot of headaches and some sickness as well. If everyone would continue to keep us in your prayers, we would appreciate it. The baby seems to be doing fine at the last checkup this past week. Misty goes back at 16 weeks.

I finally changed work schedules. I am still at Wal Mart Distribution Center, but instead of working second shift, I now work first shift. I go into work at 4:00am, and get off about 1-2:00pm. It is very early in the morning, but it is worth it when I have the afternoon off, and finally get to be home with my family in the evenings. It is a wonderful thing. Misty no longer works outside the home. About a month ago she quit her job at the daycare and is now staying at home with Aaron all day. It is a lot better and easier on her with her being pregnant. I am trying to work more hours and I got a little pay raise with my job changing. We are planning on Misty staying at home a while longer after she has this baby.

Easter went really well for us. We had a great time as a family, and as always we were busy. We went to my family's, and then to Misty's family, and then to my stepdad's family. At Misty's family Easter we hide Easter eggs in the dark for the kids to find. They have to use flashlights to find the eggs. That is a lot of fun. Aaron had a lot of fun hunting Easter eggs, and he really enjoyed getting an Easter basket Sunday morning filled with treats just for him! Saturday at my family's Easter gathering, most of the kids are now grown up and have kids of our own, but we still play games and have fun. I played chubby bunny, but was only able to get 4 peeps in my cheeks.

So there is a little update! We enjoy checking out everyone else's updates, and being able to find out what is new in everyone's lives.
On May 12th, I will be celebrating my 24th birthday! I know I am still young.
So until we update again, we hope everyone is doing great and maybe one day we can get back into coming to Sunday School reguarly. It is just hard to come every Sunday, either Misty doesn't feel good, Aaron doesn't feel good, or we have something going on. We hate that we aren't able to do a lot with our Sunday School class. God Bless Everyone.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tennessee Vacation

Well our Tennesse Vacation to Greeneville went pretty well this past weekend. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed it. Aaron did pretty good in the car considering that this was his longest trip away from home so far. It was about a 6-7 hour drive, and he did get a little fussy, but that was to be expected.

We stayed in a great little cabin at Tuck Yall Inn Bed and Breakfast. We got to eat with the family in the morning for breakfast. They cooked a great country breakfast with sausage gravy, biscuits, ham, waffles, juice, fruit. They were very friendly and ensured that we had a great stay.

Saturday morning after breakfast, I toured the Wal Mart Distribution Center which I liked because there is no cold area, which is what I work in now. Then we visited the Andrew Johsnon Historic Sites, which was his homestead, and also where he is buried. There were beautiful mountain views everywhere we went in Tennessee. That is the main reason we wanted to go there.

Then after lunch we decided there wasn't much really to do in Greeneville, it is an old town we weren't too pleased with it, we decided to go to Gatlinburg, TN. It was about an hour away. So we went there for the afternoon, walked the strip, went to the Aquarium, which Aaron really liked. Here is a funny picture of some big fish, they are grouper!

We visited some shops, and then went to eat Valentine's night at TGIFridays.

The food was great, and we really had a great time. Then we made the long drive back home Sunday. We were planning on taking highways from Tennessee to Atlanta, but we followed the GPS, and it brought us home on interstates. So, we ended up going to North Carolina, and South Carolina, then to Atlanta. It was about the same distance, we just visited two extra states. So we had a wonderful Valentines Day. It was nice to get away on a family vacation.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentines Day

This Valentines Day, we are getting away as a family, and going to the mountains. Misty, Aaron, and I are going to Greeneville, TN for the weekend. We are going to stay in a cabin overlooking a creek and the beautiful mountains in the background. Greeneville is the birthplace of Andrew Johnson, and so they have a national historic site for him, which we are going to visit. It is also home to Davy Crockett. It is about an 45 minutes away from Gatlinburg, TN, and about an hour away from Knoxville, TN. We may go hiking in the Cherokee National Forest. We are going to check out the downtown area, and just enjoy ourselves for the weekend. They have a Distribution Center nearby, and I am going to tour it, since it is different than the one that I work at. And yes, I am going to buy my beautiful bride some pretty red roses for Valentines Day! Aaron has got his mommy a few things for Valentines too. It is nice to be able to get away. It has been awhile since we have been able to get away from our busy schedules. We'll try to post some pictures of the moutains and our trip when we get back. Happy Valentines Day to everyone.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Letting Go

Sometimes you just have to let go of things... Misty and I have decided to sell my car, a 2003 Nissan Xterra. I love having an SUV and it is great to drive, but we have decided to cut back to one car for now to save some money and to keep from having two car payments. We are wanting to save some money for some future plans, that will be revealed later. We will probably in the future buy me an older vehicle, a small truck or something, for me to drive. Misty's car is a 2006. So..with that said, if anyone is interested or knows anyone that is interested in buying a car, let me know. It is a 2003 Nissan Xterra with 64,600 Miles on it. I am asking $10,000. It is a great vehicle, runs great, is clean, and it great for the outdoors person. It has the roof rack, and step rails. It is has power windows, power locks, dual airbags, and is a V6. I can be reached at 334-332-3927. Thanks everyone.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Welcome to the lives of the Lackey Family
Well, we've decided to join the blogging family. We have loved all the pages that our sunday school class has created, and so we decided to make our own! Our family consists of Ryan, Misty, and Aaron Lackey.
Misty and I have been married for 3 years on November 18 2008. Let me tell you how we got started. Misty and I were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend of ours in the church who was friends with my mom, and with Misty's cousin. This was in February 2004. We agreed to meet, and so we talked on the phone for a little bit, then went on a date. One thing led to another, and six months later I asked the girl that I fell in love with to marry me on Thanksgiving Day! One year later we got married. A year later, Misty got pregnant, and had a very difficult pregnancy. Our wonderful son, Aaron, that God blessed us with was born on November 25, 2007. After a very difficult pregnancy, and a difficult delivery, and Aaron not breathing when he came out, Aaron to this day has not had any more problems, and God had his hand on every minute of it. God took care of us through it all thanks to all of our wonderful friends and family that prayed for us. Now a year later, Aaron is 1 years old, and is getting bigger every day. It has been a wonderful experience raising our son who we are very proud of. It is awesome to watch him learn new things, watch us, listen to us, and amaze us every day.
We have had some difficult times in our marriage, I guess like everyone, but we have gotten through it all. God has blessed us wonderfully with great friends, family, blessings, and a family or our own. To Him we all the glory and praise, without Him, we wouldn't be where we are today! So this is our introduction to our new blog. Hopefully we can maintain it and keep it up to date. I am pretty good at using the computer, and enjoy playing on the computer anyway, so maybe it won't be a problem!